adj. & n.
1 of, worked by, or charged with electricity; producing or capable of generating electricity.
2 causing or charged with sudden and dramatic excitement (the news had an electric effect; the atmosphere was electric).
1 an electric light, vehicle, etc.
2 (in pl.) electrical equipment.
Phrases and idioms:
electric blanket a blanket that can be heated electrically by an internal element. electric blue a steely or brilliant light blue. electric chair (in the US) an electrified chair used for capital punishment. electric eel an eel-like freshwater fish, Electrophorus electricus, native to S. America, that kills its prey by electric shock. electric eye colloq. a photoelectric cell operating a relay when the beam of light illuminating it is obscured. electric fence a fence charged with electricity, often consisting of one strand. electric field a region of electrical influence. electric fire an electrically operated incandescent or convector heater, usu. portable and for domestic use. electric guitar a guitar with a built-in electrical sound pick-up rather than a soundbox. electric organ
1 Biol. the organ in some fishes giving an electric shock.
2 Mus. an electrically-operated organ. electric ray any of several rays which can give an electric shock (see RAY(2)). electric shaver (or razor) an electrical device for shaving, with oscillating blades behind a metal guard. electric shock the effect of a sudden discharge of electricity on a person or animal, usually with stimulation of the nerves and contraction of the muscles. electric storm a violent disturbance of the electrical condition of the atmosphere.
electrically adv.
Etymology: mod.L electricus f. L electrum f. Gk elektron amber, the rubbing of which causes electrostatic phenomena

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